Wild Case of the Missing Kelly Cup

In today’s edition of headlines I never thought I’d see, the Colorado Eagles formerly of the ECHL after winning the league’s Kelly Cup two years in a row have failed to give the Cup back to the league. Both parties are at fault because the ECHL should’ve made more of an effort to get theContinue reading “Wild Case of the Missing Kelly Cup”

Mumpsgate 2014: Why Didn’t the League Step In?

Sidney Crosby is not the first player to contradict the mumps, contrary to what the national media would have you believe. Arguably, Crosby is the face of the league, always atop of the leader boarder, but he is one of the many that have fallen victim to a disease that usually affects children. “Mumpsgate” startedContinue reading “Mumpsgate 2014: Why Didn’t the League Step In?”