Did Tom Izzo Go Too Far?

In the opening day of March Madness Michigan State’s Head Coach Tom Izzo screamed at Aaron Henry during the team’s opening game against 15 ranked Bradley University. The berating got so bad Izzo had to be pushed back from Henry. Did Izzo go too far with Henry or was it just behavior to be expectedContinue reading “Did Tom Izzo Go Too Far?”

Wednesday Headline Roundup: Sherman leaving the Seahawks, Bulls get warning from NBA, & Calipari calls for end of ‘One & Done’

Since there were quite a few different headlines making their way across sports news today, I want to try a new type of post where we take a look at the top headlines in a roundup sort of way. This way if this post is all you read for the day, you’ll at least haveContinue reading “Wednesday Headline Roundup: Sherman leaving the Seahawks, Bulls get warning from NBA, & Calipari calls for end of ‘One & Done’”

Top 10 Moments in Sports 2017 Edition

  As 2017 draws to a close, here is a list of what I consider to be the Top 10 Sports stories/moments of the year. JJ Watt raises 37 M for Hurricane Harvey Relief As if JJ Watt wasn’t already amazing given his story from delivering pizzas to star defensive player for the Houston Texans,Continue reading “Top 10 Moments in Sports 2017 Edition”

NCAA Bribery Scandal and What it Means for College Basketball

When the news broke early Tuesday morning that the Justice Department was charging assistant coaches from four big name college basketball programs, most were shocked not because of the allegations of bribery and fraud but because it was a federal indictment.But before I even get into the implications these charges will have on college basketball,Continue reading “NCAA Bribery Scandal and What it Means for College Basketball”

Refuse to Lose (or how John Calipari was ‘One and Done’ before it was a Thing

ESPN’s new 30 for 30 documentary focuses on John Calipari and his rise to coaching success at the University of Kentucky, success due in large part to his acceptance of the controversial One and Done rule in the National Basketball League. But Calipari’s past is marred with scandals at the University of Massachusetts and theContinue reading “Refuse to Lose (or how John Calipari was ‘One and Done’ before it was a Thing”

Is LaVar Ball Hurting Lonzo Ball’s Draft Stock?

LaVar Ball has been making the headlines lately with comments about his son UCLA Guard Lonzo Ball, for example “Lonzo will only play for the Los Angeles Lakers” or “Lonzo is a better basketball player than Steph Curry”. Ball’s willingness to take any and every interview request has some raising their eyebrows and wondering ifContinue reading “Is LaVar Ball Hurting Lonzo Ball’s Draft Stock?”

The Not So Great 30 for 30s

As we bid goodbye to the 2016 and hello to a hopefully much cooler 2017, I thought that instead of doing a typical 30 for 30 Reaction post I would give you the 5 30 for 30s I just couldn’t finish watching. The following list appears in no particular order except for how they appearedContinue reading “The Not So Great 30 for 30s”

The Madness of March

It’s that time of year again, where everyone suddenly cares a lot about college basketball and brackets become more than just that thing that holds up a shelf. March is where the Madness lies, but what’s the hubbub about a basketball tournament? Why does everyone spend hours upon hours filling out brackets and then hoursContinue reading “The Madness of March”

Flyers Fly On Amid First Four Criticism

They used to be called ‘play-in’ games because that is exactly what they are, they are games that teams play to get into the tournament. But, in order to garner more excitement the NCAA changed them to the First Four Games to be played in Dayton Ohio, so that there was neutral territory for theContinue reading “Flyers Fly On Amid First Four Criticism”