SCOTUS Gives States Go-Ahead to Legalize Sports Betting

The Supreme Court ended a six year legal battle ruling against the NCAA, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB in favor of New Jersey to allow states to legalize betting on sports. SCOTUS ruled against a 1992 law that banned state-authorized sports betting “with some exceptions.” Thus making Nevada the only state where bets on singleContinue reading “SCOTUS Gives States Go-Ahead to Legalize Sports Betting”

Little Surprise in Top 4 College Football Playoff Fourth Rankings

The fourth round of College Football Playoffs came out Tuesday night with little fanfare. There was a minor shakeup in the top four with Clemson and Miami flipping spots. With Baker Mayfield being benched in the final home game of the season, there is a chance that Oklahoma falls out of the top four ifContinue reading “Little Surprise in Top 4 College Football Playoff Fourth Rankings”

College Football Playoff Rankings Chalked Full of Surprise

The third round of College Football Playoff rankings were released today and it was chalked full of surprises, like Alabama finally coming in at the top spot and undefeated Wisconsin and Auburn are out of the top four spots. Which isn’t surprising given that a lot of top 25 teams lost this weekend and thusContinue reading “College Football Playoff Rankings Chalked Full of Surprise”

NCAA Bribery Scandal and What it Means for College Basketball

When the news broke early Tuesday morning that the Justice Department was charging assistant coaches from four big name college basketball programs, most were shocked not because of the allegations of bribery and fraud but because it was a federal indictment.But before I even get into the implications these charges will have on college basketball,Continue reading “NCAA Bribery Scandal and What it Means for College Basketball”

OTL Grips in Latest Report on Indiana University Athletics Failing Athletes

This week’s Hooked Till the Credits is an interesting one because it’s not focused on a sports documentary, but a news report. Outside the Lines aired a piece yesterday about Indiana University failing its injured student athletes and I was gripped from the opening to the ending of the piece. The report started out withContinue reading “OTL Grips in Latest Report on Indiana University Athletics Failing Athletes”

Fantastic Lies Hide the Truth

This week’s 30 for 30 reaction piece focuses on Fantastic Lies, the documentary about the Duke Lacrosse Rape case. I have been waiting to do this piece since I started this series and to be honest this documentary gave rise to this series. For those that might not have been paying attention back in 2004Continue reading “Fantastic Lies Hide the Truth”

The Madness of March

It’s that time of year again, where everyone suddenly cares a lot about college basketball and brackets become more than just that thing that holds up a shelf. March is where the Madness lies, but what’s the hubbub about a basketball tournament? Why does everyone spend hours upon hours filling out brackets and then hoursContinue reading “The Madness of March”

Who Dropped the Ball?

It’s been three days since the officials at the Miami v. Duke game completely botched the end of the game call that cost Duke the win. In the days following the game, the officials have been suspended two games and Miami still has the W, but who really dropped the ball that led to theContinue reading “Who Dropped the Ball?”

Who Dropped the Ball in Syracuse?

The NCAA announced that they were suspending Syracuse Basketball coach Jim Boeheim for nine conference games next season and vacating more than 100 of his wins as coach. This decision comes after an investigation of academic fraud that started back in 2005, which raises the question what took so long? The NCAA announced that BoeheimContinue reading “Who Dropped the Ball in Syracuse?”

Jameis Winston Announces He’s Entering 2015 Draft

The media outlets were all abuzz this morning with news that Jameis Winston, the Florida St Quarterback, would be entering the 2015 draft. Well that is according to his father, that his son would be entering the draft. So tread carefully with this news, not because his father can’t be trusted, but that the newsContinue reading “Jameis Winston Announces He’s Entering 2015 Draft”