Let’s Talk about this #DearJohn Video

By now if you’ve been on Twitter you’ve probably seen a clip of a video produced by News 12 entitled Dear John ahead of former New York Islanders Captain John Tavares leaving the team to join the Toronto Maple Leafs. In the video entitled #DearJohn fans attack Tavares for leaving the Isles to join hisContinue reading “Let’s Talk about this #DearJohn Video”

Why does Done Cherry Hate the Canes Storm Surge?

It’s October 2018 and following a 8-5 victory over the New York Rangers, the Carolina Hurricanes took the typical post-game stick salute to a new level and that was just the beginning. Thankfully the Canes have perfected what is now affectionately called the storm surge doing a game of duck, duck, goose and my favoriteContinue reading “Why does Done Cherry Hate the Canes Storm Surge?”

Hockey Headline Round-Up

When sitting down to write today’s post, I saw two headlines that caught my attention and really hit me right in the feels like the kids say these days. So here’s a headline round-up devoted to the National Hockey League. The first headline that I want to talk about is the video that started circulatingContinue reading “Hockey Headline Round-Up”

Gary Bettman Affirms Tom Wilson 20 Games

The National Hockey League seems to have a discipline problem on their hands, specifically a problem with holding their players to their full suspensions. This comes after Nashville Predators Austin Watson’s 27 game suspension for domestic violence was reduced to 18 games after a neutral arbitrator was brought in to his appeal, yet Washington Capital’sContinue reading “Gary Bettman Affirms Tom Wilson 20 Games”

NHL Season Preview

As we hockey fans gear up for the start of yet another National Hockey League season, let’s take a look at the more interesting headlines from the off-season to get you all caught up for the 2018-19 NHL season. This off-season hockey fans were blessed with not one but two #PlayerWatch. The first belonged solelyContinue reading “NHL Season Preview”

Nashville Predators’ Austin Watson Suspension Announced

Late Wednesday the National Hockey League announced that Austin Watson of the Nashville Predators would be suspended all of the preseason action and 27 games in the regular season. Now just in case you’ve forgotten all about Austin Watson and what’s been going on, let’s refresh your memory. Watson was arrested back in June afterContinue reading “Nashville Predators’ Austin Watson Suspension Announced”

A Radical Idea

It seems that more frequently there are news stories coming out about professional athletes (and coaches) with crimes against women whether they be domestic violence related or sexual assault related, so I have a radical idea on how to curb these actions, fire them. I know it seems like an extreme action, but aren’t youContinue reading “A Radical Idea”

The Case for the National Hockey League’s lack of a set Domestic Violence Policy

Nashville Predators forward Auston Watson pleaded no contest to misdemeanor charge of domestic assault which led the National Hockey League into launching an investigation into the case. Now the NHL doesn’t have a set policy for players accused of domestic assault, unlike pretty much every other major North American professional leagues. Honestly it’s a goodContinue reading “The Case for the National Hockey League’s lack of a set Domestic Violence Policy”

Former NHL Players Class Action Suit Hits Snag

Friday Judge Susan Richard Nelson overseeing the National Hockey League concussion lawsuit denied two proposed class action lawsuits brought by former NHLers. In the 46 page ruling, Judge Nelson stated that the difference in state health monitoring laws would make it significantly difficult to manage the cases. Which given how many different states that NHLContinue reading “Former NHL Players Class Action Suit Hits Snag”