Baseball in London, Why?

Major League Baseball announced last Tuesday that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox would head to London next season to play a two game series and the only question I have is why? Sure the National Football League has taken to playing a game in London each season, but it’s always been theContinue reading “Baseball in London, Why?”

NFLPA Reveals Reid Grievance Details

Last week free agent safety Eric Reid filed a collusion grievance against the National Football League and it’s 32 teams. Reid joins former quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who filed his own collusion grievance against the league last year. Today the NFL Players Association released the details of Reid’s grievance. In their statement the NFLPA outlined howContinue reading “NFLPA Reveals Reid Grievance Details”

Steelers Give Shazier a Signing Bonus

Happy Friday! With all the headlines this week from the Redskins cheerleaders exploited and the whole Tom Wilson drama, I thought that it would be nice to end the week on a lighthearted feel good note and the news that broke out of Pittsburgh will truly warm your heart and definitely make you smile. TheContinue reading “Steelers Give Shazier a Signing Bonus”

Tom Wilson Strikes Again

Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has struck again, this time managing to break Pittsburgh Penguins forward Zach Anton-Reese’s jaw and give him a concussion. This coming mere days after his controversial hit on Reese’s teammate Brian Dumoulin (who did return and play in game 3). And yet again there was no penalty called on WilsonContinue reading “Tom Wilson Strikes Again”

Tom Wilson Avoids Suspension (Again)

For the second time in the 2018 National Hockey League Playoffs, Washington Capitals forward Tom Wilson has managed to avoid a suspension. The first time happened against the Columbus Blue Jackets when Wilson hit Jackets forward Alexander Wennberg (who would miss three games). Wilson walked away with only a two minute penalty for charging. WilsonContinue reading “Tom Wilson Avoids Suspension (Again)”

2018 NFL Draft is Off to a Great Start

The 2018 National Football League Draft was poised to be great before the Draft even opened. It started with the announcement that analysts wouldn’t tweet out the picks prior to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reading the pick on the stage which meant that there actually was a point to watching the Draft. Sure, you couldContinue reading “2018 NFL Draft is Off to a Great Start”

Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs

It’s another edition of Headline round-up catching you up on some of the interesting headlines floating around the inter-webs today. In today’s edition we’re covering some interesting football news and the obligatory LeBron James coverage in the midst of the NBA Playoffs. Let’s start things off with the Tom Brady news of the day. IContinue reading “Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs”

Odds on the Golden Knights Winning the Stanley Cup

Back in January I wrote a post about the National Hockey League’s expansion team the Las Vegas Golden Knights and how they are the real deal (not just because of the Real Deal James Neal). The Knights continued to surprise skeptics like me by winning their division and being up 3-0 over the Los AngelesContinue reading “Odds on the Golden Knights Winning the Stanley Cup”

The Maple Leafs Playoff Ticket Problem

The Toronto Maple Leafs have a playoff ticket problem, so unless someone wants to shell out big bucks for most likely a single ticket on the resale market they’ll be watching the game from their couch. While this is a common problem that teams face when they young talent that has excited their perpetually disappointedContinue reading “The Maple Leafs Playoff Ticket Problem”

Hockey Comes Together

On Friday a bus carrying the Humboldt Broncos, a junior hockey team, collided with a semi truck on a rural road and 15 people lost their lives including the team’s head coach and team captain. When the news of the devastating accident broke the hockey world proved that its a small connected world that supportsContinue reading “Hockey Comes Together”