Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?

Just when I was beginning to wonder about Carmelo Anthony, his name begins to pop up among all the headlines about the missed interference call in Nola. It seems as if Melo’s time with the Houston Rockets has finally come to an end and he’s been traded to the Chicago Bulls (let’s not forget the cash included in the deal).

The Rockets were desperate to make this deal happen today to make space for Kenneth Faried, but with the holiday the league office wasn’t open to facilitate the trade. There’s also mixed reports if the Bulls will immediately waive Melo once the trade is completed or if they will use Melo in a one-for-one trade deal before the deadline February 7th. If given the time prior to the deadline, Melo could take a good look at the different rosters and see if he could find the best landing spot for himself.

Could the Bulls actually use Melo in the interim? Given their lackluster season, it might not hurt to Melo on the roster for a bit prior to the trade deadline to help give the team a bit of a breather. But if I’m being honest with myself (putting aside my love for Melo), I think that come Wednesday morning Melo will find himself on waivers and a free agent come the weekend.

That then leads me to ask, where would Melo end up? If you ask ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski he’d tell you Melo could be in LA playing along side LeBron and Lonzo Ball. Woj’s tweet about the Lakers interest sent quite a few Lakers faithful into a tizzy on social media (which tbh was actually kinda funny to watch). And if you think about it, the Lakers might actually make sense for Melo. He wouldn’t be the star of the team and could help provide some help to the roster, again as long as he’s content to come off the bench. Which we’ve seen during the off-season last year that Melo isn’t 100% comfortable with.

The next few weeks leading up to the trade deadline are going to be interesting because really who isn’t a bit curious to see what the next stop on the Melo NBA tour is?


What’s Going On in Pittsburgh?

I promise that this post is not going to mention anything about who Pittsburgh Steelers’ Wide Receiver Antonio Brown followed yesterday on social media. Instead I want to have a discussion on what’s been happening around the team.

First I have a mixed reaction to the news that Brown requested a trade. On the one hand, it feels like Brown has been done with the team since last year when he literally live streamed his head coach Mike Tomlin’s speech about the Patriots. Nobody who has loyalty for their team would break the cardinal rule of what’s said in the locker room stays in the locker room. But on the other hand, I feel like Brown is just being a little dramatic and if you read all the reports as to what’s going on this all could’ve stemmed from being snubbed as team MVP following his performance against the New Orleans Saints. Which if that is the case it just gives credence to my dramatic angle because that’s just being petty, even if his performance was unreal he should still be able to use that snub as motivation to play even harder.

I guess I’m just really confused as to what’s going on because it feels like this is all coming from left field. It literally blew up 24 hours ago so I’m wondering what happened. Nobody said anything last week when Brown allegedly got into it with Ben Roethlisberger and missed the walk through on Saturday that led to his missing the season finale Sunday. So was it the reports that Brown wanted a trade that led to all this coming out? Wouldn’t the Steelers have made sure that this mess didn’t come out given how the organization has been in the NFL media spotlight with the Le’Veon Bell situation all season? As you can see, I have a lot more questions than answers at this point.

I had hoped that by writing this post, I could’ve found the answers but really all I found was that it’s a slow NFL media week with all the articles/reports on who Brown has been following on social media yesterday. So if anyone can point me in the right direction to actually make sense of that who situation that would be great.

Also is this the start of Antonio Brown trade watch?


The Mess in Dallas

I know that by now the Dallas Stars CEO Jim Lites’ comments about Jamie Benn and Tyler Seguin are somewhat old news, but I wanted to take some time to really think about my reaction to the comments. And now that I’ve taken some time to really think about it, my reaction is still the same as it was upon initially hearing the gross comments.

The CEO has slightly misplaced his anger and is an embarrassment to not only the Dallas Stars organization but the National Hockey League as well.

Now my feelings are twofold, on the one hand I do agree that some of the blame for the team’s lackluster performance on the ice should be placed on Benn and Seguin. They are the faces of the team and thus always carry the burden of the blame when things aren’t going well, which is just how it goes in professional sports. But the Stars are lucky because for the price of one Jonathan Toews, they are able to have two great players in Benn and Seguin.

But on the other hand, why Lites is an embarrassment is because not only did he use profanity to get his point across but he also aired it out in front of the media and not once bring up his feelings (which he claims are shared by the team owner) to Benn and Seguin. When asked about his comments Seguin pointed out that Lites has his number, that it’s out there, so Lites could’ve easily had a conversation with him about his performance on ice. But yet Lites chose to take the cowards way and air it out to the media, so how he still has a job boggles my mind.

There’s also the issue that Lites has misplaced a lot of his anger on Benn and Seguin when he should be giving at least 85% of that anger on the team’s General Manager Jim Nill, since ya know he’s the guy that puts together the roster. Which doesn’t contain much star power based Benn and Seguin.

But all of that aside, it’s great to see the Dallas Stars organization (at least their digital media team) standing behind Benn and Seguin. They’ve used the two as the face for most of their digital content since the comments first broke and it shows that Benn and Seguin are well loved within the team and the community. ‘

Here’s hoping that the Hockey Gods look down favorably on the Stars and their years of lackluster seasons will finally be behind them.


What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL

Is anyone else still struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday in the National Football League? Hopefully I’m not the only one that is still watching recaps to see if I can figure out what some of these NFL teams were drinking that made these crazy outcomes happen. So let’s recap what happened yesterday that still has me scratching my head.

I think we can sum this week up by calling the week of ‘Holy Sh** Wins We Never Saw Coming.’

First we have to talk about the Miami Dolphins pulling off the impossible last second touchdown to defeat the New England Patriots. The play I believe has the official name of last ditch hook and ladder, ya know that play that usually comes in the final seconds when a team is trying to score the winning touchdown. And from what I understand it rarely works, but somehow someway the Miami Dolphins managed to pull it off yesterday. I agree with those dubbing this the Miami Miracle because this Miami team has had a few rough years and a win over divisional rival New England Patriots is always sweet.

Ranking highly with the Miami Dolphins last second victory is the Chicago Bears pulling off the win against the NFC top dog Los Angeles Rams. Now the Bears were favored because of the weather and most importantly that starting quarterback Mitch Trubisky was back in the line up. But still one would think that the Rams would pull out the win because of their impressive 11-1 record heading into the game. The game started off as a battle of the defenses each defense holding the offenses to field goals. But somehow the Bears offense was able to find their somewhat groove and beat the rams 15-6.

Moving on to the New York Giants, struggling so hard this season, finding what feels like their fifteenth miracle of the season to trounce the Washington Redskins 40-16. Even with Washington losing Alex Smith and Colt McCoy and Mark Sanchez of all people getting the start I didn’t see that trouncing happening. This win is big because I feel like the Giants stringing two wins together is a big deal, especially because the week before they beat the Chicago Bears.

The following wins would fall under the honorable mentions because they are wins just not that impressive of wins.

The Green Bay Packers managed to pull out a win over the Atlanta Falcons following the firing of their Head Coach Mike McCarthy. This win is important for the Aaron Rodgers because it showed that he’s capable to winning when given the freedom to do so. The Packers have little chance of making the playoffs, but still a win is better than nothing at this point in the season for this team.

The Detriot Lions managed to pull out a win against the Arizona Cardinals, which ultimately ended up hurting their first round draft pick ranking. But overall it was nice for Lions fans to get to celebrate a win given their lackluster 2018 season.

The Cleveland Browns capitalized on the Panthers struggling offense and pulled out the win.

And can’t forget to mention that the Oakland Raiders actually managed to win a football game beating the Pittsburgh Steelers 24-21. I’m thinking that the Steelers were just having a really bad day that allowed the Raiders to finally get their act together and win a football game. Though the General Manager was fired this morning, so the victory was short lived in the Bay.

And there you have it, you’re all caught up and hopefully this helped you make sense of the insanity that happened yesterday just in time for Monday Night Football where the Vikings take on the Seahawks. And the Vikings need this victory to remain in the playoff wildcard hunt, so hopefully they’ll be able to pull out the victory. But knowing how yesterday played out we might be gearing up for another crazy game.



Baker Mayfield’s Salty Comments

Can someone explain to Baker Mayfield how having a job works? He made comments the other day following their 35-20 win over the Cincinnati Bengals criticizing former head coach Hue Jackson for taking a job with the Bengals. He sounded hella salty as the kid are saying these days because just recently Jackson was asking Mayfield and the Browns to play for him but now works for a team they see twice a year.

It seems like Mayfield doesn’t understand how jobs work because Jackson would have been dumb to not take the job with the Browns. He has no loyalty to the Browns because they let Jackson go, so he’s free to take any job he wants because um hello Baker Hue has to make money to support his family.

Plus I can’t help but point out that Mayfield himself felt Texas Tech to go play at Oklahoma because he wanted playing time. His transferring for playing time/exposure is sort of similar to Jackson taking a job with the Bengals because of the opportunity to most likely take over the team after their head coach leaves. So it’s okay for Baker to leave Texas Tech and find playing time at Oklahoma but Jackson has to remain loyal to a team that fired him?

I know that paragraph made me roll my eyes really hard too. Baker just sounds like an immature child who doesn’t respect his former coach, most likely because in Baker’s mind it’s Jackson’s fault the team is 4-6-1. I guess the icy handshake after the game really annoyed me because it just reminded me of the Baker Mayfield that acted like an immature child during his final season at Oklahoma with the lewd gestures and planting the flag.

It’s almost like Baker believes that he (as a rookie) has any right to make any kind of comments on loyalty. I can see Tom Brady or Drew Brees getting away with that kind of comment (not like they’d say anything like that). Or maybe, just maybe, Baker is still salty that Jackson named Tyrod Taylor the starter in week 1. That thought also makes me wonder who the Browns starting QB would be had Taylor not gotten hurt earlier this season (my gut feeling is that it would’ve been Taylor).

Nobody but Jackson knows he took the job with the Bengals and it’s not really anyone’s business. I would hope that Baker would have a little bit more respect for his former head coach and in the future won’t make comments on anyone’s jobs because it has nothing to do with him.

The Green Bay Packers Blame Game

The Green Bay Packers have about a 3% chance of making the playoffs (at least that’s what the NBC graphic on Sunday Night Football tells me) with their dismal 4-6-1 record. Following last night’s disastrous 24-17 loss to Minnesota, who is to blame for their 2018 season?

The first person that pops into my mind is their head coach Mike McCarthy because ya know he’s the guy in charge. He decides their plan of attack each game. He’s the guy that decided to punt on 4th down against the Seattle Seahawks with 4 minutes left instead of trusting his QB to make the play. So yes he deserves some of the blame, but he doesn’t deserve to carry the whole thing on his back.

Nope, Quarterback Aaron Rodgers deserves to shoulder some of the blame. Rodgers has all the makings of a talented QB and as we’ve all seen in years previous Rodgers has the ability to make magic happen on the field (remember the hail mary pass?). But this season it feels like Rodgers is trying to make that same magic happen but his guys aren’t on the same page. They don’t have the same chemistry that Rodgers had with Jordy Nelson or Richard Rodgers. I know that Rodgers made comments earlier about how his new receiving guys needed to study the playbook and learn the plays better, which I wholeheartedly agreed with what he said (just not where he said it). It’s Rodgers job to let his guys know that they’re not carrying their weight. But to say it to the media instead of the guys was a BS move.

Which leads me to believe that Rodgers is unhappy in Green Bay because the team got rid of Jordy Nelson who Rodgers loved because of his ability to know where Rodgers was going to throw and make the catch. So it’s possible that Rodgers has lost a lot of love for the team because he feels like the team isn’t on the same page as Rodgers in terms of winning and keeping guys that actually play well with him. While Rodgers is a professional athlete and will do whatever it takes to win (like coming back after taking a hard hit to the knee to win the game), but might not feel like the team executives share his vision for success.

So who really deserves the blame for the dismal Packers season? Every single person on the team. The Packers have talented players that should be able to win on the field, yet each week they fall short of their mission. Each player and coach needs to take a good hard look in the mirror and realize that they are in charge of their own destiny and can win if they really want to.

Here’s hoping for Packer fans that the team does some hard soul searching and finds that magic they’ve had years previously to have a real chance at making the playoffs.

Has Carmelo Bounced Outta Houston?

Carmelo Anthony is one of those National Basketball League players that is guaranteed to have some sort of news written about him. I was actually getting worried that it was quiet around Houston for a bit there, but then checking the news today I saw his name back in the headlines. It’s rumored, at least by his Houston Rockets teammates/team staff, that Carmelo is not returning to Houston.

According to the ESPN article I read, Melo has been out the last two games with an “illness” so his teammates now believe that he’s not coming back to Houston. Naturally after only playing 10 games with the Rockets, his role is the reason why Melo will be placed on waivers as early as Monday (today).

Now this isn’t the first time that Melo’s role has been the reason why he wants to leave a team. He has always been one of those guys that doesn’t want to come off the bench, preferring to keep his starting position. But with the teams he’s been playing for that role just doesn’t make sense, the Thunder had Russell Westbrook and Paul George and the Rockets have James Harden and Chris Paul so they don’t need Melo to start. They would need him to come off the bench to do his part to help the team win. But of course, Melo wants to be one of those limelight guys and believes that he has the talent to do and maybe at one time he did, but not now.

At this point in his career Melo could actually be successful if he embraced the off the bench role. In his 10 games with the rockets he’s averaged 40.5% shooting off the floor and averaged 13 points and 5 rebounds, which if he played more games might actually prove to be good stats. But that requires Melo to embrace the role and that just doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. He’s going to continue fighting for a role that on most teams aren’t needed, not when a lot of teams have their starting guys and would be looking to use his experience off the bench.

So until Melo understands his role on any NBA team and embraces said role, I guess he’ll just continue to be the guy who pops up in the headlines every few weeks because he’s unhappy with his role on whatever team he’s on and will keep bouncing around to teams until he finds someone to give him that role.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed your reminder of why Melo is the most consistent ball player getting coverage because he refuses to get with the times and accept his role.

Hockey Headline Round-Up

When sitting down to write today’s post, I saw two headlines that caught my attention and really hit me right in the feels like the kids say these days. So here’s a headline round-up devoted to the National Hockey League.

The first headline that I want to talk about is the video that started circulating of seven Ottawa Senators hockey players taking an Uber ride while in Phoenix Arizona. The video is bad for the organization because the players were ripping their own team, Matt Duchene was heard saying that he hasn’t paid attention in meetings for three weeks because nothing new is covered/discussed. Of course this was gonna make news because how often do we really get to know how players feel about their organization? Almost never, but the reason why this caught my attention is not because of the players ripping their organization. I would expect/hope that players would have strong feelings about their organization if things aren’t going well and they’re entitled to voice those feelings.

What caught my attention is that the Uber driver initially had no idea who these guys were and once finding out that they were professional athletes then took the video and posted it online. I get that Arizona is a one-party state where recorders don’t need consent to record conversations, but this guy saw an opportunity to get 15 minutes of internet fame and that’s horrible. If he’s willing to do this to a bunch of professional athletes imagine what he’d do to a business man in his car? I feel like Uber needs to do something about this guy because he obviously has no morals/ethics and won’t hesitate to post video that could actually ruin someone’s career.

Now onto the headline that has made the most angry, the Chicago Blackhawks announced this morning that they have fired Head Coach Joel Quenneville. Now there’s a lot wrong with this move, mostly that it’s a desperate attempt for others in the Blackhawks organization to save their jobs (Scott Bowman). Q has had a very successful tenure with the team completely righting the ship and taking them to three cup championships. He’s made the most of Bowman’s horrible roster moves like trading Artemi Panarin for a struggling Brandon Saad, trading away Andrew Shaw, overpaying players and bringing questionable free agents.

Q did his best to deal with the players Bowman was giving him and had this move come last season I wouldn’t have been terribly surprised. But instead they waited until this season when the team wasn’t struggling too bad for first part of the season. I think if the Hawks were serious about winning and getting back to their winning ways they would completely clean house and fire Bowman as well. Instead they choose to place the blame solely on Q and quite frankly Q deserves¬† better.

This move is going to come back and bite the Hawks, especially when Q gets another gig (hopefully not with a division rival). The new HC will struggle like Q since Bowman is still manning the ship and making really dumb decisions that as of late haven’t panned out like planned (case in point Saad struggling while Panarin continues to light up the ice).

So now that I’ve gotten to dump my feelings out on the page, you are all caught up with the biggest headlines in the NHL and can go on about your day sharing these facts with your coworkers around the water cooler.

MLB Focus Shifts Towards Bryce Harper’s New Team

Now that the World Series is over (Congratulations Boston Red Sox), the focus of the Major League Baseball analysts/fans is the rampant speculation as to where Bryce Harper will land next season.

In a recent post, Bovada has the Philadelphia Philly’s even in the odds race to secure Harper with the Cubs only +300 right behind, Nationals were +400, Giants +750, and Yankees +800 to round out the top five teams to land Harper. Now this speculation is nothing new, it’s been a rumor consistently throughout the league since the beginning of the 2018 season as Harper entered into the final year of his contract with the Nationals.

It picked up a lot of steam when the Nationals began a fire sale and started giving away their players for draft picks to kick start their rebuilding phase and Harper was rumored to be on the chopping block as he would net a good amount of draft picks to help the team rebuild.

But I think the best headline coming out of this whole speculation is when Harper’s agent when on The YES Network and made a joke that Harper had already decided where he was going and the deal was done but Harper wanted to tell everyone himself. It’s the best way to ask the endless questions as to where Harper is going that his agent gets on a daily basis.

I’m sure that Harper will make his decision closer to the beginning of the season and he’s either going to shock us all with his selection defying the odds/expectations or he’s going to sign a monster deal with the Nationals and see if he has the baseball talent/expertise and make the Nationals a winning baseball team again.

Until then let the #HarperWatch rumors rage on.

NFL Expanding London Action Next Season

The National Football League has been playing regular season football in London since 2007 and after playing three games in three consecutive weeks at Wembley during the 2018 season, the NFL has decided to add another game and another stadium to play in.

The NFL hasn’t announced which teams will play in those four games next season, that announcement most likely won’t come until next year most likely as the lead up to the regular season schedules are announced to drum up excitement for the new schedule.

I think the most interesting part of this announcement is that the NFL will play two of the four games at the new Tottenham stadium currently being built for the Premier team. It’s interesting because of the news surrounding the new stadium.

According to an article in Independent, Tottenham has had to scramble to come up with more money as the cost of the new stadium increased again from the original projected cost. The stadium was scheduled to be ready before the season started but because of construction issues the team has had to increase their cash flow money and are aiming to have the stadium open for their January 13th game against Manchester United.

Given the renderings of the new stadium, the 61,000 seat venue looks like the exact kind of place the NFL would want to play. It’s going to have great hospitality options for NFL sponsors which will help the NFL woo new sponsors or resign current sponsors. It can also help the NFL grow it’s presence across the pond by getting to rub elbows with London elite while overlooking the pitch/the city of London. You can see the renderings in Independent article.

I have no doubts that the new stadium will be completely by fall of 2019 and that which ever teams get to play in those games are in for quite the experience. I mean if you have to travel all the way to London to play a game at least they’ll get to play in a brand new state-of-the-art stadium so that makes it just a little bit better.