Club Dub is Closed for Business Today

The Chicago Bears thought they would get to have an international Club Dub party today in London, but the Oakland Raiders had other ideas. It was a wild game that saw the Raiders come out and score 17 unanswered points until the momentum shifted towards the Monsters of the Midway when Raider’s Josh Jackson completelyContinue reading “Club Dub is Closed for Business Today”

What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL

Is anyone else still struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday in the National Football League? Hopefully I’m not the only one that is still watching recaps to see if I can figure out what some of these NFL teams were drinking that made these crazy outcomes happen. So let’s recap what happened yesterdayContinue reading “What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL”

Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden

After a fairly disappointing opening weekend, I hoped that the Monday Night Football doubleheader was going to turn it all around and I wasn’t wrong. While I’m shocked that Sam Darnold was able to turn on his football genius and completely stomped on the Detriot Lions, I’m more surprised by what happened during the OaklandContinue reading “Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden”

What’s Going on in Oakland?

First the Oakland Raiders sign Jon Gruden to a $100 million dollar contract to get him out of the broadcasting booth and back on the sidelines, then they trade away star Defensive End Khalil Mack to the Chicago Bears. Now the city of Oakland is filing a lawsuit against that team that could leave themContinue reading “What’s Going on in Oakland?”

NFL Week Two: Which Player Injury is Most Devastating?

As the Eagles beat the Bears, week 2of the regular season is in the books and boy was this week a dozy in terms of injuries. So which injury is the most devastating both to the team and the fans? If you look at ESPN’s report on the biggest injuries of week two the listContinue reading “NFL Week Two: Which Player Injury is Most Devastating?”

2016 NFL Draft Recap

The 2016 NFL Draft did not disappoint this year from the upgraded Draft Town set up to the drama that ensued literally minutes before the draft. Here’s a recap of this year’s draft, including some photos thrown in from this author’s adventure into Draft Town and the VIP Hospitality Tent. Hours before Goodell would announceContinue reading “2016 NFL Draft Recap”

In Jay’s Defense,

Contrary to what the media, especially the Chicago media, has led Bears fans to believe, the Bears’ woes are not completely on Jay Cutler. Yes, no one forced Cutler to throw so many interceptions. Yes, Cutler could have played a lot better thus making him worth the monstrous contract he recently signed. Yes, Cutler couldContinue reading “In Jay’s Defense,”