Antonio Brown Saga is Over

  After what feels like a lifetime, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has finally ended the speculation and announced (via Instagram) that he’s done with the Steelers and ready to move on to another team. Brown ended his Steelers’ career having played in 130 games (of those he started 103), 837 receptions, 11,207 totalContinue reading “Antonio Brown Saga is Over”

What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL

Is anyone else still struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday in the National Football League? Hopefully I’m not the only one that is still watching recaps to see if I can figure out what some of these NFL teams were drinking that made these crazy outcomes happen. So let’s recap what happened yesterdayContinue reading “What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL”

The NFL’s Rougher the Passer Problem

Monday night there were four roughing the passer fouls called between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers, bringing the grand total to 34 through three weeks of National Football League action. But the NFL’s competition committee doesn’t seem to be in a rush to solve the problem. And fans thought the new helmet ruleContinue reading “The NFL’s Rougher the Passer Problem”

NFL OT Needs an Overhaul

Welcome to the Overreaction Monday where National Football League fans are overreacting about what happened during yesterday’s game action either negatively or positively. So let’s break down the biggest happenings. Week One of NFL action found the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns tying to start the season. And prior to Sunday’s Packers v. Vikings gameContinue reading “NFL OT Needs an Overhaul”

Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden

After a fairly disappointing opening weekend, I hoped that the Monday Night Football doubleheader was going to turn it all around and I wasn’t wrong. While I’m shocked that Sam Darnold was able to turn on his football genius and completely stomped on the Detriot Lions, I’m more surprised by what happened during the OaklandContinue reading “Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden”

Let’s Talk About the Wacky World of NFL Suspensions

It seems like this year there has been a slew of suspensions and as each suspension is announced I can’t help but scratch my head. The length of suspensions given the crime don’t make sense, so I’m hoping that by writing this post I’ll somehow make sense of how the National Football League decides theContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Wacky World of NFL Suspensions”

Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs

It’s another edition of Headline round-up catching you up on some of the interesting headlines floating around the inter-webs today. In today’s edition we’re covering some interesting football news and the obligatory LeBron James coverage in the midst of the NBA Playoffs. Let’s start things off with the Tom Brady news of the day. IContinue reading “Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs”

When Adam Schefter Tries to Stir Up NFL Drama

This past weekend Adam Schefter reported that several National Football League teams were upset with the Green Bay Packers putting Aaron Rodgers back on the Injured Reserved without having suffered a new injury, thus violating the league’s policy on placing players on the IR. Citing multiple sources, Schefter claimed teams were calling for the PackersContinue reading “When Adam Schefter Tries to Stir Up NFL Drama”

What’s Going on in Green Bay?

News broke swiftly Wednesday that the Green Bay Packers had cut Tight End Martellus Bennett for failing to disclose a medical condition, which no doubt took quite a few people by surprise. So Bennett went on waivers and was picked up by his former team the New England Patriots, which immediately raised my suspicions becauseContinue reading “What’s Going on in Green Bay?”