Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?

Just when I was beginning to wonder about Carmelo Anthony, his name begins to pop up among all the headlines about the missed interference call in Nola. It seems as if Melo’s time with the Houston Rockets has finally come to an end and he’s been traded to the Chicago Bulls (let’s not forget theContinue reading “Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?”

Has Carmelo Bounced Outta Houston?

Carmelo Anthony is one of those National Basketball League players that is guaranteed to have some sort of news written about him. I was actually getting worried that it was quiet around Houston for a bit there, but then checking the news today I saw his name back in the headlines. It’s rumored, at leastContinue reading “Has Carmelo Bounced Outta Houston?”

Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?

First things first, I want to send out a congratulations out to LeBron James on earning his 30,000 point last night and being the youngest player to do so. Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers losing last night James should be proud of the accomplishment. Alright now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s getContinue reading “Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?”

Rockets Raid Clippers Locker Room

Imagine my surprise when I woke up this morning and saw the headline that four Houston Rockets players actually got into the Los Angeles Clippers locker room following their loss last night. I thought for sure that I was having a really weird dream (wouldn’t be the first time, but that’s for another post). ButContinue reading “Rockets Raid Clippers Locker Room”