Countdown to the NFL Draft

It’s been a crazy trade filled week within the Top 10 picks of the 2016 NFL Draft. First Tennessee traded their number one pick to the LA Rams, but waited to drop the news so that Kobe could have the spotlight for his last game. Then the Browns trade their pick at number two toContinue reading “Countdown to the NFL Draft”

Social Media Never Forgets

These days it’s not only what’s on our resumes or written in cover letters that affect our chances of landing our dream job; what we post on social media sites can also hurt us and that even goes for draftees. If you post something offensive chances are it won’t go farther than the hiring managersContinue reading “Social Media Never Forgets”

Lakers’ Lackluster Season Continues

The LA Lakers fell to the Dallas Mavericks 98-102 Friday night in Dallas Texas. Thus making their record so far into the season 9-21, which is an uncharacteristically bad start for the team. The Lakers are not strangers to winning. They are the most successful team in the National Basketball League with sixteen championships. WhileContinue reading “Lakers’ Lackluster Season Continues”