The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On

By now everyone and their uncle have seen the video of former Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson out of nowhere resigning his position on ESPN right before gameĀ  time. After the shock of the move wore off that should have been the end of it, but a last week Johnson appeared on ESPN’s morningContinue reading “The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On”

The Death of the Big Baller Brand?

It’s been a wild few days months for the Ball family. News broke the other day that trusted family friend and partial owner of the infamous Big Baller Brand Alan Foster allegedly stole $1.5 million dollars from Lakers’ Lonzo Ball’s business and personal accounts. According to the ESPN article I read about this a fewContinue reading “The Death of the Big Baller Brand?”

Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?

Just when I was beginning to wonder about Carmelo Anthony, his name begins to pop up among all the headlines about the missed interference call in Nola. It seems as if Melo’s time with the Houston Rockets has finally come to an end and he’s been traded to the Chicago Bulls (let’s not forget theContinue reading “Carmelo Anthony Blowing Through Windy City?”

NBA Free Agency Roundup

Alright, I guess I’ve avoided the topic long enough. Let’s talk about what’s been happening in the National Basketball League Free Agency from the unsurprising to the what were they thinking signing there moves. You should already know that we’re gonna start with LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and now not surprisedContinue reading “NBA Free Agency Roundup”

Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?

First things first, I want to send out a congratulations out to LeBron James on earning his 30,000 point last night and being the youngest player to do so. Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers losing last night James should be proud of the accomplishment. Alright now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s getContinue reading “Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?”

The Lakers Problem

Now I know that I made a post a few weeks back that I wouldn’t be writing anymore posts about a certain BBB that I will not name and I’m not. This post is not about him, it’s going to focus solely on what the Lakers and Magic Johnson specifically need to do about it.Continue reading “The Lakers Problem”

Celtics/Lakers Part One is another History Lesson through Sports

Much like the OJ: Made in America Series, the new 30 for 30 documentary ‘Celtics/Lakers the Best of Enemies’ offers basketball fans not only a history of the National Basketball League, but a look into the history of race relations in America. Now, I was beyond excited to watch this documentary since the introduction ofContinue reading “Celtics/Lakers Part One is another History Lesson through Sports”

Lakers’ Lackluster Season Continues

The LA Lakers fell to the Dallas Mavericks 98-102 Friday night in Dallas Texas. Thus making their record so far into the season 9-21, which is an uncharacteristically bad start for the team. The Lakers are not strangers to winning. They are the most successful team in the National Basketball League with sixteen championships. WhileContinue reading “Lakers’ Lackluster Season Continues”