The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On

By now everyone and their uncle have seen the video of former Los Angeles Lakers President Magic Johnson out of nowhere resigning his position on ESPN right before game¬† time. After the shock of the move wore off that should have been the end of it, but a last week Johnson appeared on ESPN’s morningContinue reading “The Lakers Dumpster Fire Rages On”

NBA Free Agency Roundup

Alright, I guess I’ve avoided the topic long enough. Let’s talk about what’s been happening in the National Basketball League Free Agency from the unsurprising to the what were they thinking signing there moves. You should already know that we’re gonna start with LeBron James signing with the Los Angeles Lakers and now not surprisedContinue reading “NBA Free Agency Roundup”

NBA Finals Game 1: What the Heck Happened?

Without having any pony in the show, watching the NBA Finals for me is fun because I get to appreciate both sides of the court. I don’t really care who wins as long as the game is exciting to watch and last night did not disappoint (and I’m not talking about the questionable officiating), butContinue reading “NBA Finals Game 1: What the Heck Happened?”

Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs

It’s another edition of Headline round-up catching you up on some of the interesting headlines floating around the inter-webs today. In today’s edition we’re covering some interesting football news and the obligatory LeBron James coverage in the midst of the NBA Playoffs. Let’s start things off with the Tom Brady news of the day. IContinue reading “Wednesday Round-Up: Tom Brady hasn’t confirmed to play 2018, Aaron Rodgers in the Dark in Green Bay, & LeBron has ‘checked out’ on the Cavs”

Cavaliers Completed Dominated NBA Trade Deadline

Thursday February 8th should’ve been completely focused on the Philadelphia Eagles and their Super Bowl Champion Parade. Unfortunately for the Eagles, the Cleveland Cavaliers were determined to make the most of the final day of trades that would result in literally trading away half of their roster including some big(ish) names. But let’s back upContinue reading “Cavaliers Completed Dominated NBA Trade Deadline”

Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?

First things first, I want to send out a congratulations out to LeBron James on earning his 30,000 point last night and being the youngest player to do so. Despite the Cleveland Cavaliers losing last night James should be proud of the accomplishment. Alright now that we’ve got that out of the way let’s getContinue reading “Should Cavaliers Fans Be Worried?”

NBA Player Salaries: Do You Really Care How Much They Make?

I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday when I stumbled upon an article posted by ESPN, the worldwide leader of sports, about how much National Basketball Players actually make and I will admit that I thought the article would be really interesting and in some sense it was.¬† Who thought that mainstream America actually wanted toContinue reading “NBA Player Salaries: Do You Really Care How Much They Make?”

NBA Finals: LeBron’s Struggles, Rihanna v. the Cavs.

Before the ball is tipped for Game 2 of the NBA Finals, here’s some highlights of the headlines that have caught my eye in the last three days. While scrolling through Sports Illustrated’s home page this morning, I saw a hilarious headline that Steph Curry says the Warriors don’t play Rihanna in the locker room.Continue reading “NBA Finals: LeBron’s Struggles, Rihanna v. the Cavs.”

The NBA “Resting” Hubbub

For days sports media has been discussing the issue of National Basketball League players resting during the regular season. And this isn’t a new issue, it’s only now making headlines because the game in question was broadcast on ABC and the match-up was hyped for two weeks leading up to the event and ABC hasContinue reading “The NBA “Resting” Hubbub”