The Bat Flip Problem

Yesterday the Chicago White Sox had the opportunity to sweep the Kansas City Royals. In the bottom of the fourth inning Tim Anderson hits a rocket 2 run home run and “flips” his bat. I put flips in quotes because really it’s an aggressive bat toss to as one guy on twitter pointed out toContinue reading “The Bat Flip Problem”

MLB Whiffs on José Ureña Suspension

This week has seen not one but two bench clearing brawls in Major League Baseball, but one was a little more serious than the other. Miami Marlins pitcher José Urena beaned Atlanta Braves’ young superstar Ronald Acuña Jr in the first inning of their game. The benches immediately cleared because the Braves needed to defendContinue reading “MLB Whiffs on José Ureña Suspension”

A Radical Idea

It seems that more frequently there are news stories coming out about professional athletes (and coaches) with crimes against women whether they be domestic violence related or sexual assault related, so I have a radical idea on how to curb these actions, fire them. I know it seems like an extreme action, but aren’t youContinue reading “A Radical Idea”

No MLB, Mike Trout is Not a Problem

ICYMI, earlier this week Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred did an interview on the Dan Patrick Show where he discussed MLB players marketing themselves to help grow the game and that a problem the MLB was facing was guys like Mike Trout not marketing himself, and many took that as he was incinuating thatContinue reading “No MLB, Mike Trout is Not a Problem”

MLB Acquires Iconic Brand

While scrolling through the headlines yesterday, I saw an interesting article titled “MLB wants to own everything, and they’re succeeding” on, detailing how the MLB has acquired iconic brand Rawlings and how the league is setting out to control every aspect of the game from the pitch tracking software to what the players wearContinue reading “MLB Acquires Iconic Brand”

New York Yankees Take on ESPN & Won

The New York Yankees were furious when the worldwide leader of sports ESPN decided to air their July 8th game against the Blue Jays for their Sunday Night Baseball broadcast because of the team’s scheduled doubleheader the next day in Baltimore. This thing happens all the time with the major leagues and it can beContinue reading “New York Yankees Take on ESPN & Won”

SCOTUS Gives States Go-Ahead to Legalize Sports Betting

The Supreme Court ended a six year legal battle ruling against the NCAA, NBA, NHL, NFL, and MLB in favor of New Jersey to allow states to legalize betting on sports. SCOTUS ruled against a 1992 law that banned state-authorized sports betting “with some exceptions.” Thus making Nevada the only state where bets on singleContinue reading “SCOTUS Gives States Go-Ahead to Legalize Sports Betting”

Baseball in London, Why?

Major League Baseball announced last Tuesday that the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox would head to London next season to play a two game series and the only question I have is why? Sure the National Football League has taken to playing a game in London each season, but it’s always been theContinue reading “Baseball in London, Why?”

Pittsburgh Pirates Fans are Fed Up With Ownership

Pittsburgh Sports fans have been through a lot the last couple of days. First, the Steelers lose to the Jacksonville Jaguars, which no Steelers fan thought possible. Then the news breaks that Pirates star Andrew McCutchen is traded to the Giants and ace Gerrit Cole is sent to the Astros. So of course Pirates fansContinue reading “Pittsburgh Pirates Fans are Fed Up With Ownership”

When Baseball was Fun

While doing the Netflix scroll that we are all prone to do, I saw a film called “The Battered Bastards of Baseball” and I will admit that I have swiped left numerous times because the picture didn’t spark my interest. But it wasn’t until today that I decided to actually click on the thumbnail andContinue reading “When Baseball was Fun”