The NFL’s Rougher the Passer Problem

Monday night there were four roughing the passer fouls called between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Pittsburgh Steelers, bringing the grand total to 34 through three weeks of National Football League action. But the NFL’s competition committee doesn’t seem to be in a rush to solve the problem. And fans thought the new helmet ruleContinue reading “The NFL’s Rougher the Passer Problem”

Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden

After a fairly disappointing opening weekend, I hoped that the Monday Night Football doubleheader was going to turn it all around and I wasn’t wrong. While I’m shocked that Sam Darnold was able to turn on his football genius and completely stomped on the Detriot Lions, I’m more surprised by what happened during the OaklandContinue reading “Raiders Can Blame Their Loss on Jon Gruden”

The Saints’ Adrian Peterson Problem

Those watching the Minnesota Vikings v. New Orleans Saints game on Monday night saw a moment where Running Back Adrian Peterson was yelling at Head Coach Sean Payton. Of course, National Football League media and fans alike began speculating as to what Peterson was saying during that heated moment and it’s safe to say itContinue reading “The Saints’ Adrian Peterson Problem”

NFL Schedule Release Hype For TV Networks not Fans

For the last couple of hours, National Football League teams and networks have been hyping up the release of the 2017-18 schedule and on the surface it looks like the NFL wanted to get fans excited about who their favorite team would be playing come this fall, but really the hype and televising of theContinue reading “NFL Schedule Release Hype For TV Networks not Fans”

Why the NFL Shouldn’t Worry about Falling Ratings

So by now you’ve probably seen the flood of articles about the NFL and their falling TV ratings. Some articles argue that Colin Kaepernick’s protest and the flurry of players that followed suit are the reason why fans are changing the channel. Some articles argue that the ratings suffered because of the Presidential Debates fallingContinue reading “Why the NFL Shouldn’t Worry about Falling Ratings”

NFL Ratings Hits Not Due to Anthem Protests

Recently headlines have been popping up about the NFL’s TV ratings dropping. This of course led some to believe that the ratings drop is directly correlated to the recent National Anthem protests done by several NFL players. But before we all start believing the hype let’s take a look at the numbers. Wayne Friedman ofContinue reading “NFL Ratings Hits Not Due to Anthem Protests”