What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL

Is anyone else still struggling to make sense of what happened yesterday in the National Football League? Hopefully I’m not the only one that is still watching recaps to see if I can figure out what some of these NFL teams were drinking that made these crazy outcomes happen. So let’s recap what happened yesterdayContinue reading “What a Wild Week 14 in the NFL”

Raiders Tanking 2018 Season & Could the Giants Be Joining Them?

After a slightly lackluster Week 7 performances across the league, two teams made quite a splash early in the week with shocking trades. These trades signaled to fans and analysts that these teams have given up hope for their seasons turning around and given a glimpse of what could ensure in the last days leadingContinue reading “Raiders Tanking 2018 Season & Could the Giants Be Joining Them?”

NFL OT Needs an Overhaul

Welcome to the Overreaction Monday where National Football League fans are overreacting about what happened during yesterday’s game action either negatively or positively. So let’s break down the biggest happenings. Week One of NFL action found the Pittsburgh Steelers and Cleveland Browns tying to start the season. And prior to Sunday’s Packers v. Vikings gameContinue reading “NFL OT Needs an Overhaul”

Let’s Talk About the Wacky World of NFL Suspensions

It seems like this year there has been a slew of suspensions and as each suspension is announced I can’t help but scratch my head. The length of suspensions given the crime don’t make sense, so I’m hoping that by writing this post I’ll somehow make sense of how the National Football League decides theContinue reading “Let’s Talk About the Wacky World of NFL Suspensions”

2018 NFL Draft is Off to a Great Start

The 2018 National Football League Draft was poised to be great before the Draft even opened. It started with the announcement that analysts wouldn’t tweet out the picks prior to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell reading the pick on the stage which meant that there actually was a point to watching the Draft. Sure, you couldContinue reading “2018 NFL Draft is Off to a Great Start”

“The Two Bills” Does the Impossible: Humanizes Bill Belicheck

First 30 for 30 Reaction post of 2018 and we’re starting off with a really good one. “The Two Bills” managed to actually humanize Bill Belicheck and in all honesty made me actually like the now head coach of the New England Patriots. Which doesn’t say a lot because I didn’t not like Belicheck before,Continue reading ““The Two Bills” Does the Impossible: Humanizes Bill Belicheck”